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[+] Avanze- NO pay - athira Nithin/DE (11 replies)
9/6/2023 7:48:36 AM (1031 views)

[+] RealMount Solutions - Jay Duncan/MO (2 replies)
9/5/2023 10:49:35 AM (755 views)

[+] NW Montana Land Scandal Reaches All the Way to Montana Supreme Court - Randi Erickson/MN (1 reply)
9/4/2023 5:08:39 PM (826 views)

[+] "Out of office" messages - Ben Wilczynski/PA (8 replies)
8/31/2023 6:27:35 PM (1314 views)

[+] Sure2Balance - Sherry Greene/MI (7 replies)
8/30/2023 9:17:17 AM (796 views)

Real Title Services

[-] Uniting for Fair Compensation: Taking a Stand Regarding Outstanding Debt with Avanze- NO Pay - athira Nithin/DE (2 replies)
8/29/2023 2:16:34 AM (759 views)
We have been facing an unsettling situation for the past year. A debt of $35,000 owed by Avanze remains unresolved despite our persistent efforts to communicate and seek a resolution. This lack of response has not only been frustrating but has also affected our operations and financial stability. Today, I am making a humble request to all of you. Our strength as a community lies in our unity and shared values. It is time for us to stand together and send a clear message. If we collectively decide to withhold our services from Avanze until the outstanding debt is resolved, we can emphasize the importance of timely and fair compensation for the work we provide. By taking this step, we are not only advocating for our rights but also setting a precedent for ethical business practices. We believe that collaboration and respect should be the foundation of every business relationship. Our action will demonstrate that we value our contributions and expect them to be acknowledged in a fair and just manner. I urge you to consider the impact of our collective decision. If we choose to halt our work for Avanze until the debt is resolved, we are making a powerful statement about the value of our efforts and the importance of honoring agreements. Let us remember that our unity can drive positive change. If you are in agreement with this proposal, please express your support in the comments below. Your thoughts and suggestions are also welcome as we navigate through this challenging situation together.
Thank you for your time, understanding, and unwavering support.
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Re: Uniting for Fair Compensation: Taking a Stand Regarding Outstanding Debt with Avanze- NO Pay - Jay Duncan/MO
8/29/2023 4:37:47 PM (827 views)
Re: Uniting for Fair Compensation: Taking a Stand Regarding Outstanding Debt with Avanze- NO Pay - Deb Dartois/NV
8/31/2023 10:06:03 AM (803 views)

8/26/2023 12:46:20 PM (779 views)

[+] E&O REQUIREMENTS FOR EXAMINING? - Heidi Gemeling/FL (3 replies)
8/26/2023 12:42:52 PM (1047 views)

[+] VKM Title - Diane Sherrill/SC (8 replies)
8/25/2023 6:48:47 AM (1751 views)

[+] Cornerstone Abstracts and Title Service Nashville - Christopher Slone/KY (1 reply)
8/24/2023 6:56:59 PM (977 views)

[+] IDA Automation - Tammy Barrett/FL (5 replies)
8/23/2023 11:41:49 AM (829 views)

[+] Court house copies in NC - Patty  Baber/FL (5 replies)
8/17/2023 2:13:26 PM (922 views)

[+] What do you do about fraud? - Patty  Baber/FL (14 replies)
8/17/2023 1:41:24 PM (906 views)

[+] It's me again, NALTEA again - Patty  Baber/FL (2 replies)
8/16/2023 4:26:42 PM (845 views)

[+] Here is why I recommend Real Title Services, Inc. - Terry Ray/OH (7 replies)
8/15/2023 12:16:13 PM (1102 views)

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