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12/6/2023 9:13:44 AM (919 views)

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12/5/2023 3:45:11 PM (619 views)

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Real Title Services

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[-] Education Survey - Patty  Baber/FL (4 replies)
11/15/2023 6:19:43 PM (725 views)

Hi Everyone,  Recently Bobbie Jo Kemp of Slade Title Research in Mississippi and myself were appointed to the Education Committee for NALTEA.  We really want to provide you the things that are most important to you.  We are doing a survey of all the members, but I thought I should post the survey here for all of you.  We would like your input as well.  Maybe if we provide the things you want most you will join up....  http://www.naltea.org/

You can respond to this survey by posting here on sourceoftitle.com or send us an email with your answers.  It is very important to offer you the things you want, not the things we think you want.  committees@naltea.org

Education Committee Survey questions

Would you like NALTEA to bring back the abstractor/examiner certification program? This would entail passing a test that shows they have deep knowledge of title.

If you would like a certification program, would you want a corresponding Continuing Education Program as well? The CE program could possibly offer a classes or webinars on-line, or workshops at the yearly NALTEA conference, any of which would give CE credits.

Is it at all important to you to have a very exacting manual on title searching? We could put together a manual that starts out with easy chapters, ending in the more esoteric type knowledge needed. Chapter One – what is a title search, title insurance and why are these needed. Chapter Two – What documents exist in land records? Defining each type of document. Where does one search for title documents? Chapter Three – How do you search? What is a database? If you searched Elizabeth Moraine, do you only search that exact first and last name? How would you vary any name you searched? Why should you do a wild card search if at all possible? Chapter Four – What is a deed chain? …. Chapter 8 – What is a legal description? How do you know you have the correct legal for the property you are searching? What are all the types of legals; metes and bounds, section, town, range, etc. How do you plot a legal? How do you find that missing 2 sq ft? Chapter 12 – What is an exception? Give definitions for each of these and what type of documents to look for. Etc. Etc.

If we had a manual like the above, would you buy it? Would you use it for training your employees and searchers?

Would you like to have short, easy to do on-line courses for each of the chapters in the Examiner’s Manual?

Are you interested in How-To videos? If so, would you purchase them? How much would you be willing to pay for each video? Would you use them for training employees, searchers, etc. ?

Do you need and want a member’s only glossary covering the nomenclature that each abstractor should really know? If so, would you pay for it and how much should we charge? Or maybe it should be free to members and only offered to members on the NALTEA website?

Are you interested in webinars? Would you pay for them and how much? Would you like special ones for just your office and have all of your employees attend?

Are you interested in a mentoring program or apprenticeship program? If NALTEA created a mentor program, how much would you be willing to pay per hour or week if an expert title searcher was available to you via phone or shared screen? Possibly we could find members who actively search in their local county daily. Would you be interested in going to that area (or sending an employee) and getting apprenticed with an expert? How much would you pay for this service?

Is there some other product not mentioned above that you would like the Education committee to produce? Pod cast? Whatever, list it here.

Please tell us the three most important things you would like to have the education committee doing for you?

What educational products would be most helpful to you?

Thank you!


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Re: Education Survey - John Baker/OH
11/20/2023 8:52:05 AM (686 views)
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10/18/2023 6:20:40 PM (911 views)

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