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[+] Anyone Heard of Outamation Title - Bryce L/UT (3 replies)
5/2/2024 1:45:02 PM (601 views)

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5/2/2024 12:27:18 PM (906 views)

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5/1/2024 1:20:46 PM (522 views)

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4/25/2024 1:00:31 PM (1040 views)

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4/23/2024 11:12:52 AM (836 views)

Real Title Services

new report for all-cash transactions proposed - Denise. Williams./MO
4/18/2024 9:09:11 AM (612 views)


FinCEN rule expanding GTOs for anti-money laundering checks ... to potentially extend to all residential all-cash transactions.  Per ALTA, FinCEN estimated costs  ... Depending on the type of company, the cost to file a report could range from $193 to $244.

  • 30 minutes per transaction to decide if it’s a reportable deal.
  • 45 minutes per transaction to collect information.
  • Two hours to complete the report.
  • 30 minutes to review and file.

Link to the FinCEN proposed rule: https://public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2024-02565.pdf

Very interesting more costs are proposed for title insurance by the Department of Treasury through this program expansion, while at the same time, the Biden Administration pushing for the title insurance waiver program to limit 'junk fees.'


Denise Williams - Real Document Solutions – your trusted order management platform for the title abstract, document retrieval and title industries.


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newsworthy posts... check these out...CFPB - lumping Title insurance - a "junk fee"... - Denise. Williams./MO
4/14/2024 10:13:55 AM (478 views)

4/11/2024 1:07:46 PM (406 views)

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4/5/2024 2:05:23 PM (852 views)

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3/26/2024 4:20:59 PM (871 views)

[+] Whitehouse fact sheet re: lender's title insurance policy - Patty  Baber/FL (1 reply)
3/14/2024 8:53:31 AM (943 views)

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3/8/2024 2:56:36 PM (1217 views)

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3/8/2024 1:49:09 AM (1178 views)

[+] News: Jackson Munsey killed on 3/2/24 - Christy  Lovelace/NC (1 reply)
3/4/2024 10:51:24 AM (1474 views)

[+] lifeline - Ricky Gill/MS (4 replies)
3/3/2024 7:56:30 AM (993 views)

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