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Florida Agency Network Closes First Refinance E-Closing Using Remote Online Notary
press release, Florida Agency Network

Florida Agency Network announced the completion of its first 100 percent paperless, fully-digital real estate refinance transaction with United Wholesale Mortgage and Florida Mortgage Firm. The closing was completed at the office of Florida Mortgage Firm. All closing documents were executed electronically, and the Electronic Notarization of mortgage and affidavits was performed by Notarize via an online interface.

"After completing our first fully-digital purchase transaction using an online notary earlier this month, we knew the next step would be utilizing the technology for a refinance transaction," said Aaron M. Davis, CEO of Florida Agency Network. "Our borrower was thrilled at the efficiency throughout the entire process. This transaction was a key breakthrough in providing our clients the option of a fully digital remote closing at the time and location of their choosing."

Hillsborough Title completed the transaction utilizing remote online notarization via Notarize, the first notary public platform allowing any person or business to get their documents legally notarized online, and Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, who underwrote and issued the title insurance policy.

"It is exciting to be a pioneer in the Florida market with the e-close experience. The days of long drives to title offices, scheduling time off work for the sole purpose of signing docs, and overseas clients searching for U.S. notaries will soon be a distant memory with this platform. Physical closing attendance will always be an option for consumers, but this added convenience will be a solution to a multitude of scenarios that will benefit our customers," said Nate Davis, Owner of Florida Mortgage Firm.

About the Florida Agency Network

The Florida Agency Network (FAN) is a conglomerate of independent title agencies, settlement service providers, and innovative technology companies within the State of Florida. FAN has formed a strategic alliance amongst members and vendors, in addition to creating proprietary technologies, to better serve its clients, allowing it to provide customized solutions to protect and streamline the closing experience. Members share back-office services, pooled resources, access to industry-leading technology, improved efficiencies, and the ability to offer their clients greater geographic coverage throughout Florida with SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2 security compliance solutions available. For more information, please visit

About Hillsborough Title

Hillsborough Title, established in 1984, provides cutting edge title insurance and settlement services throughout the State of Florida. Hillsborough Title has multiple national underwriter relationships and prides itself on being one of the largest independent agents in the state. To learn more, visit

About Florida Mortgage Firm

Florida Mortgage Firm started in 2009 as a solution for an industry dominated by overpriced products and stressful lending experiences. The company flourishes by offering low interest rates to the public through wholesale channels, prevailing further through continual analysis of how it can improve the customer experience. The company is nationally recognized for volume. For more information, visit

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Most closings have Affirmations. Currently this would be a violation of state law:Individual states may have other rules for oaths and affirmations. For example, a 1992 state attorney general's opinion says that a person taking an oath or affirmation from a Florida Notary must be physically present and Florida Notaries may not administer an oath or affirmation by phone. Always check your state laws for any additional requirements when administering an oath or affirmation.

I am certified in digital signings, and you still have to be present. This comes from the NNA.

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