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[+] Price of Gas!!!!!!! - Carla Curry/KY (5 replies)
11/13/2007 7:54:49 AM (1634 views)

[+] Change of Name? Or excuse to not pay? - Constance Foye/VA (4 replies)
11/13/2007 12:00:48 AM (1747 views)

[+] PPSI - Marian Littleton/VA (1 reply)
11/12/2007 4:51:26 PM (1707 views)

[+] Naltea Certified Abstractor designation - Jeanne Johnson/FL (4 replies)
11/12/2007 4:45:38 PM (1727 views)

[+] Title Stream - Rebecca Warner/MI (6 replies)
11/12/2007 11:24:58 AM (1853 views)

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[+] Don't Forget to Thank the Vet! - Scott Perry/PA (2 replies)
11/11/2007 2:20:44 PM (1595 views)

[-] IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - Rebecca Fair/FL (7 replies)
11/9/2007 2:45:31 PM (2092 views)
I accepted an assignment from IMortgage for a closing on August 31. Per company policy I was to be paid on the 15th of the following month. When I contacted IMortgage towards the end of September I was told that because the file did not fund until September my check would be cut on October 15th. I called IMortgage last week to inquire about my payment and was told "oh, we cut the checks on the 15th of every month but they don't get sent out on the 15th. After your check is cut, it could be another 30-45 days before it is mailed." WHAT?

So hear I am still waiting for a payment from a title company I did a closing for 70 days ago. It must be nice to use other peoples money to fund your business. I've just about had it with slimy Pittsburgh, PA title companies. Did EFS start a new trend up there?

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Re: IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - george Hubka/MI
11/9/2007 7:59:24 PM (1550 views)
Re: IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - Kevin Ahern/CT
11/10/2007 6:38:27 AM (1477 views)
Re: IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - MELINDA BLOODWORTH/NC
11/12/2007 8:57:49 PM (1362 views)
Re: IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - Kevin Ahern/CT
11/13/2007 6:05:06 AM (1475 views)
Re: IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - Rebecca Fair/FL
11/13/2007 2:16:27 PM (1820 views)
Re: IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - STEVE MEINECKE/TN
11/13/2007 10:51:07 PM (1329 views)
Re: IMortgage-Do they treat Abstractors like this? - John Clifford Brewer/VA
11/19/2007 11:10:48 PM (1220 views)

[+] TS Connections LLC dba Title Stream - Karen Dykshoorn/IA (2 replies)
11/9/2007 8:23:09 AM (2660 views)

[+] Express financial services - Dawn Catherman/IN (11 replies)
11/7/2007 8:47:31 PM (1990 views)

[+] No Shame for Some Newbies - Jean Allen/NC (8 replies)
11/7/2007 8:11:51 PM (2219 views)

[+] Infinity International Processing Inc - Edna Webb/CA (7 replies)
11/7/2007 12:30:26 PM (2061 views)

[+] companies - Tammy /PA (7 replies)
11/6/2007 4:21:51 PM (2005 views)

[+] No Pay Black List - MELINDA BLOODWORTH/NC (13 replies)
11/5/2007 9:35:00 PM (2286 views)

[+] Charging a late fee to clients - SHARON YAHRAES/ID (7 replies)
11/5/2007 8:02:31 PM (1743 views)

11/1/2007 4:47:56 PM (1792 views)

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