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5/21/2019 7:03:17 PM (158 views)

[+] Lifeline Abstracts - latichia lee/DC (3 replies)
5/20/2019 10:19:05 AM (225 views)

[+] E&O possible rate increase - Sheila Sten/PA (10 replies)
5/20/2019 8:17:58 AM (179 views)

[+] Filing Assignments years after foreclosure... - Rita Killary/NY (8 replies)
5/17/2019 11:04:27 AM (286 views)

[+] Abstract Settlement - No pay - Terri Hoops/PA (6 replies)
5/17/2019 8:22:09 AM (221 views)

AccuSearch Company

[+] Beware Fraudulent Activities - David King/VA (9 replies)
5/14/2019 3:27:32 PM (473 views)

[-] Comment on "WFG Lender Services Announces "Five-Second" Title Report" - Source of Title/OH (4 replies)
5/14/2019 1:23:02 PM (372 views)
Wait. What? - F P/VA
5/14/2019 1:23:02 PM (323 views)
Re: Comment on "WFG Lender Services Announces "Five-Second" Title Report" - Jay Duncan/MO
5/16/2019 9:06:50 AM (250 views)
Five-Second" Title Report is Possible - Bobbi Shorthouse, Notary Public/CT
5/16/2019 9:41:04 AM (248 views)

I remember many years ago the law firm I was with had almost all our residential purchase clients happily come in bringing their "same day mortgage commitment" from a large state-wide bank - ready to close on their new home ASAP; schedule our closing now please.  For almost two years, his bank cornered the residential mortgage market  with it's "same day commitment," other banks couldn't or wouldn't compete with that.

 (With a smile) Then I read the second to the last page (not the page they signed, rather the page they didn't read) to the borrowers, it contained the "subject to" paragraph.  The "written commitment" was subject to an appraisal, subject to a lender's title insurance policy commitment, subject to verification of employment, etc.  What we in the industry started calling the "un-commitment."

So I see a 5-second title report as a possibility, with a one-page attachment that includes a standard list of "subject to," such as verification that there are no outstanding tax, sewer, water, judgment and other liens.

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Re: Comment on "WFG Lender Services Announces "Five-Second" Title Report" - george Hubka/MI
5/20/2019 6:25:40 PM (62 views)

[+] Fee Schedule Updates - Lisa Blankenship/SC (5 replies)
5/9/2019 12:45:43 PM (627 views)

[+] Interesting Article but... - Jay Duncan/MO (7 replies)
5/2/2019 2:50:30 PM (996 views)

[+] Retainer? - Shannon Budziak/VT (3 replies)
4/29/2019 3:38:36 PM (345 views)

[+] Anyone know of this company - Karen Knuth/NY (4 replies)
4/26/2019 5:54:26 PM (1043 views)

[+] Abstracting Software - Wendi See/SC (6 replies)
4/23/2019 2:16:48 PM (637 views)

[+] NO PAYMENT - Sara Tressler/PA (2 replies)
4/23/2019 12:15:55 PM (751 views)

NO PAYMENT - Sara Tressler/PA
4/22/2019 5:03:28 PM (517 views)

[+] NationalLink LP - Michael Vernon/AZ (2 replies)
4/19/2019 4:50:49 PM (775 views)

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