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Vistro Info Solutions, Inc - MIke Bogart/FL
8/5/2022 10:36:52 AM (244 views)

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8/5/2022 9:51:34 AM (243 views)

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7/25/2022 5:31:15 PM (522 views)

AccuSearch Company
Real Document Solutions

[+] Confiance Title LLC - Marilyn Knobel/NY (3 replies)
7/25/2022 9:23:00 AM (394 views)

[+] macproabstractors - Kurt deVries/FL (1 reply)
7/19/2022 4:16:17 PM (362 views)

[+] FVD - Saundra  Scott/MD (6 replies)
7/18/2022 1:49:05 PM (445 views)

[-] Moonlighting as a Title Examiner - Scott Kretsch/AR (7 replies)
7/1/2022 10:24:32 AM (1268 views)

Hello everyone.  I currently work for a title company in AR, and am licensed (title insurance - not abstractor).  I would like to do some examining on the side, but don't want it to be a conflict of interest with my employer; don't want to get in trouble.   Also, I'm spoiled by having access to a killer title plant at work, along with other helpful documents and tools.  But even if I can do work on the side without it being a conflict of interest, I wouldn't have access to our title plant (I assume).   How do examiners search without access to a title plant?  Do they access records via the county's public records website?  I've heard those records are often disorganized, unreliable and only go back 20-25 years.  I don't know I've never search using the clerk's website; much less go in to the clerk's office and search.  I know I would need E&O Insurance. 

I guess I'm looking for some sound advice and tips as to how to proceed carving out a viable side business as a title examiner.  Thanks.  

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Re: Moonlighting as a Title Examiner - Garret  Fitzgerald/VA
7/11/2022 9:45:54 AM (418 views)
Re: Moonlighting as a Title Examiner - Scott Kretsch/AR
7/13/2022 12:38:26 PM (296 views)
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7/14/2022 9:45:41 AM (296 views)
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7/15/2022 1:46:09 PM (340 views)
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8/10/2022 12:03:11 PM (91 views)
Re: Moonlighting as a Title Examiner - Saundra  Scott/MD
8/11/2022 6:41:33 AM (95 views)
Re: Moonlighting as a Title Examiner - Judy Maclauchlan/LA
8/15/2022 9:06:34 AM (46 views)

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6/28/2022 1:18:32 PM (828 views)

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[+] share title searching accounts Tennessee - M Jackson/TN (3 replies)
6/11/2022 3:40:21 PM (691 views)

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