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[+] COFORGE - Michael Rosing/IL (1 reply)
5/24/2023 7:25:13 PM (724 views)

[+] VKM Title - Diane Sherrill/SC (1 reply)
5/24/2023 12:16:43 PM (690 views)

[+] Robert Franco and sourceoftitle.com - Patty Baber/CA (7 replies)
5/23/2023 12:47:12 PM (1197 views)

[+] AVANZE/ FUGO/ VISTRO INFO - William Stuart/AL (20 replies)
5/15/2023 3:53:24 PM (1488 views)

States dumping the torrens registry system - Randi Erickson/MN
5/15/2023 10:23:51 AM (819 views)

Real Title Services

[+] Collection Agencies - Patty Baber/CA (6 replies)
5/15/2023 9:26:42 AM (749 views)

Diverse Title - Jason Knowles/AL
5/11/2023 11:47:13 AM (713 views)

Compexinc - Joyce Harper/OH
5/11/2023 8:35:34 AM (556 views)

[+] UPDATE TO AVANZE NON-PAYMENT - Mike Gottardi/TX (5 replies)
5/9/2023 6:52:59 PM (946 views)

[+] Put a lien on properties we searched - Patty Baber/CA (10 replies)
5/9/2023 5:32:17 PM (1294 views)

SanRit Technologies - No Pay - Patty Baber/CA
5/9/2023 1:15:26 PM (575 views)

[-] Stellar Innovations - Randi Erickson/MN (6 replies)
5/8/2023 4:58:40 PM (1017 views)

For a change of the good..  (I love GOOD news).. when it deserves a stand alone post

We had a dispute with Stellar because of non payment..  (this site helps to post such info).   Once posted, they paid IMMEDIATELY..

It feels good to see we CAN work together and get things accomplished and done in the private of the business and outside of any courts.


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Re: Stellar Innovations - Julie Henderson/FL
5/8/2023 5:14:09 PM (1008 views)
Re: Stellar Innovations - Julie Henderson/FL
5/15/2023 8:45:37 AM (920 views)
Re: Stellar Innovations - Regina  Engebritson/MN
5/24/2023 4:00:53 PM (702 views)
Re: Stellar Innovations - Julie Henderson/FL
5/24/2023 4:11:46 PM (712 views)
Re: Stellar Innovations - HOPE DEZERN/SC
6/7/2023 8:14:58 PM (561 views)
Re: Stellar Innovations - Julie Henderson/FL
6/7/2023 9:19:00 PM (564 views)

[+] Avanze - Jay Duncan/MO (5 replies)
5/8/2023 10:01:57 AM (783 views)

[+] At Home Title MN - Regina  Engebritson/MN (3 replies)
5/5/2023 8:04:08 AM (709 views)

[+] Infinity International Processing Services NO PAY - Patty Baber/CA (7 replies)
5/3/2023 2:25:10 PM (693 views)

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