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[+] ATTORNEYS - Michael Rosing/IL (2 replies)
10/12/2023 9:14:14 AM (926 views)

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[-] Working with Small County Courthouses - Jay Duncan/MO (6 replies)
9/26/2023 3:25:26 PM (1286 views)

Over the past 23 years I have had the pleasure to work with hundreds of Abstractors, Clients,Assessors, Collectors, Recorders and Courts personal.

Have had the most enjoyable and fruitful relationships with the small counties that we work with.

Learned about the families, likes and dislikes, the teasing about certain sports teams memorabilia or the appreciation of the arts and crafts hanging on the wall, being invited to have lunch when they are having a pot luck dinner at the courthouse or even the hole in the wall diner on the courthouse square.

Over the years I have lost more than a few abstractor and courthouse friends. 

Learned today about one of my favorite small county courthouse Assessors fighting cancer.  Could tell in her voice when she answered the phone something was wrong.  Normally she would never tell anyone over the phone something like this but she did after asked her how she was doing.  She had just finished her first round of chemo and was getting ready to start her red devil.

I prayed with her right then and there over the phone, without hesitation.  Just felt that it was placed on my heart to do so.

So with all the things we have going on in our lives please watch over your extended business relationship family too. 

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