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New Technology Rumors Get Me Excited!
by Robert Franco | 2009/12/07 |

I love technology, but it has been a while since I have gotten excited about anything new.  Finally, I have something new to look forward to.  A new phone is rumored to be headed to Verizon soon... no, it's not the Motorola Droid, which was recently released with a million dollar ad campaign.  It has been dubbed the HTC Dragon, aka HTC Passion, and it is exactly what I have been waiting for!

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I have never been a fan of Blackberries (it's a personal preference), and I can't get an iPhone because AT&T coverage is terrible where I live.  That has left me with a Windows Mobile phone - I currently have the VX6900 (the HTC Touch).  I like it, but Windows is eons behind the rest of the smartphone world!

I am currently due for an upgrade on my Verizon phone and I almost rushed out to get the Motorola Droid.  I was impressed with the nifty "iDon't" ad campaign (below).

But... the Droid had some spotty reviews.  Despite the fact that Motorola phone supports multi-touch (think pinch-to-zoom), and so does the Android 2.0 operating system, the Verizon Droid phone doesn't use it.  I have also heard that people are not very happy with the slide-out QUERTY keyboard.  Apparently, it is so slim that the keys don't have much travel and it doesn't really give you a good tactile experience.  Personally, my HTC Touch doesn't have a slide-out keyboard and I don't miss it.  I'd rather just have a good virtual keyboard (ala the iPhone).

Although the Droid got all the press, Verizon released another Android phone recently - the HTC Droid Eris.  It uses HTC Sense user interface, which many seem to prefer over the Droid's UI.  Unfortunately, it is based on Android 1.5, rather than the newest 2.0 operating system.  It is rumored that an upgrade will soon be available, but it's still not quite what I want.

So... I began searching for my dream phone.  Because I generally like HTC products, I started there.  What I found got me pretty excited - the HTC HD2!  But, it runs Windows Mobile 6.5 (bummer).  Windows Mobile still hasn't fully adopted a finger-friendly operating system - they love that sylus... I don't. Windows Mobile 7 will most likely take care of that issue, but when that will actually get released is anyone's guess.


Can you believe the size of that screen?  It is 4.3", but thanks to its razor thin bezel, it is still a good size for a phone.  If you are wondering how that screen size compares, the iPhone's screen is 3.5" and the Droid's is 3.7".

I find that I now use my phone more for e-mail and browsing than I do for making phone calls.  The larger screen means that I can see more and the virtual keyboard is large enough to be finger-friendly.  Not to mention, opening attachments would be very nice on a screen that large.  I have to zoom in so far on my HTC Touch, that it is hardly worth the bother to open .pdf attachments.

Another great feature... the HTC HD2 can also serve as a wireless access point!  That means that if its in your pocket, you can use the phone to provide wireless access for your laptop.  How cool is that?

I'm not aware of any U.S. carriers that yet offer the HTC HD2, and because it runs Windows Mobile 6.5, I wouldn't really be rushing out to buy it anyway.  But, I thought to myself... If they put Android 2.0 on this thing - I'd be signing a new contract to get one!  This is where the rumors come in - supposedly, Verizon will be getting this one!

Of course this is only a rumor at this point, but the HTC Passion website gives one hope!  It sports a Verizon "check mark" and the tag-line "coming holidays 2009."  Some speculate that the site is a spoof, and it could be.  You would have to wonder why Verizon would launch a new Android phone so soon after the Droid.  With their 30-day return policy, they would be inundated with people returning the Droid to upgrade to the new, best Android phone.  This could be why the latest news (rumors) indicate that the release will be pushed into early 2010.

Every since the iPhone came out, rumors have been flying about the "iPhone killer," but so far nothing has come close.  As I mentioned, AT&T service around here is so bad, that I don't even consider the iPhone an option.  Many who have iPhones dread the AT&T service, but they put up with it to have such an awesome phone.  Until Android, I don't think anyone could hope to displace the iPhone.  But, from what I hear, the Google Apps for Android pose a real threat, especially if they can get it on the Verizon network.  The HTC Dragon/Passion (whatever they call it) could be the one.

If this is just a big hoax, the execs at Verizon should be scrambling to make it a reality.  I haven't seen anything generate so much excitement in the smartphone world since the iPhone.  Verizon is often crucified on forums for their pitiful phones.  They have the best network, which is why so many (including myself) put up with the limited phones they offer.  If it isn't bad enough that they let the iPhone go to AT&T, they even strip phones of some of their capabilities leaving many of us wondering why.  For example, they have been known to disable the GPS chips, so you have to buy their "turn-by-turn" navigation service.  Why they would not opt to take advantage of the Droid's multi-touch capabilities is anyone's guess.

But, if these rumors are true... maybe Verizon is learning.  Imagine what they could do if they married a state-of-the-art phone, like the HTC HD2, with Android and the best coverage area in the industry!

I'm not making any new phone purchase until I see where this phone ends up.  If Verizon doesn't get it, I might have to check out other carriers.

Robert A. Franco


Categories: Technology

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And the apps look pretty cool...

I was just checking out the apps available on the Android Market.  They have one called Scan2PDF.

Document scanning using your phone's camera to convert one or more pages into a PDF. Like having scanner/photocopier/fax machine in your pocket! PDFs are saved to phone/SD card and can be emailed directly from the phone or transferred to PC. Pages are compressed and enhanced to produce a compact, readable PDF file.

How much would that save me in a county that charges $2.00/page?  Not to mention, you could take a picture of a document and email it directly to the client from your phone. 

by Robert Franco | 2009/12/07 | log in or register to post a reply

Good to hear

I have the 1st edition Android Google phone, with the slide out keyboard. It is decent but nowhere near the Iphone. The apps are a world better than any other phone, AGAIN, aside from the Iphone. I have been hoping to find something to trump my boyfriends Iphone without needing to switch to AT&T. Good to hear the rumor, hope that it is true.

On using your phone to turn a picture into a PDF, so James Bond. I will need to check that out! I will also start wearing a bowtie and drinking my martini shaken, not stirred.


Amy Jensen
Timely Documents, Inc.

by Kristine Bjorge | 2009/12/07 | log in or register to post a reply

Android alone...

I don't think that Android alone could really compete head on with the iPhone's slick user interface. I have an iPod Touch and I love it!  But, the HTC Sense UI that they use WITH Android, and the Android apps, may be close enough to make my iPhone envy disappear.  It may not be the iPhone, but for me it would be a much better alternative if I can get it on the Verizon network.

by Robert Franco | 2009/12/08 | log in or register to post a reply

Camera Phones in Courthouses

Don't get too excited about using a camera phone in the courthouse.  In Salem County, NJ they routinely "hold" your camera phone at the metal detector booth at the entrance of the building just so you won't use it to take pictures of documents.  Others have signs up telling you not to do it because it could be considered theft of services because there is a fee for photocopies.  If your county hasn't started doing this yet, consider yourself lucky.  They will most likely have a workshop on this at the next IACREOT convention and then they will all be doing it.

by Jeff Land | 2009/12/14 | log in or register to post a reply

Not in Ohio...

In Ohio the Attorney General has issued an opinion that the counties cannot prevent people from using their own equipment (cameras) to photocopy the public records, and the county cannot charge a fee for it either.  We are luck, I guess... we don't have those issues to deal with.

by Robert Franco | 2009/12/14 | log in or register to post a reply

Kind of a good idea

I have the HTC Droid Eris (I just got rid of the Storm as I could not type an e-mail to a client without mistakes) and I have the free version of the Scan to pdf app. I am not sure it would work for making copies but I do use it to take copies of photo Id when I facilitate a closing at a borrowers home. Only problem with using it for copies is you cannot zoom in enough to read clearly and get the whole document in the picture, I had the exact same idea.


by Matthew DeLand | 2009/12/28 | log in or register to post a reply
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