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Shameless Plug
by Robert Franco | 2007/04/03 |

In the last 12 months, the Source of Title directory has been searched 202,859 times. That is an average of nearly 17,000 searches each month. I think this firmly roots Source of Title as the premier directory for independent title services.

Last month the average number of views of basic (free) listings was 2. The average number of views for companies with enhanced listings was 11. The primary reason for this is that the basic listings are only available to our subscribers, while the enhanced listings are available to all of our 12,800+ registered users. And, the enhanced listings are in bold and appear above all the basic listings in the directory.

The enhanced listings are viewed more than 5 more often than the basic listings - improving your chances of getting that next, new client. The annual fees are based on the number of counties you cover and range from $99, for up to 5 counties, to $2,999 for nationwide exposure.

Here is what some of our customers have had to say about the enhanced listings in the forums:

Source of Title Blog ::

We purchased an enhanced listing right after we got our second customer through SOT. David and I felt that if we were making money off your site we owed you the support of taking an enhanced listing. We were one of you first enhanced listings... and it was our best marketing move. For ONLY $99 a year we have 24 hour a day exposure to people who were looking for us... anyone from anywhere in the country (or world) has access to our information.

Nisonger Abstracting Services, CA

I would like to thank you all at SOT for the professional work ethics and for developing SOT. About half of our client base has been a result of SOT, so the fee charged for the subscription has more than paid for itself. It is not uncommon for us to get a phone call, and the person on the other end says they got our name off of Source of Title. Again, thanks and keep up the good work.

Agape Docusearch, Inc., KS

I would like to add my name to the list of satisfied customers! I have been meaning to post for sometime now to extol the benefits of SOT. Any of us that have subscriptions know that Robert sends out an email at the beginning of each month, giving us statistics from SOT. Month after month, it shows that those with enhanced listings get 3 to 4 times more look ups then those who do not. I also have a banner ad. My average look ups are higher still, consistently over 100, even in recent times. I have obtained not only several clients from SOT., but also abstractors. Those of you that do not have enhanced listings----Do you know that ONLY clients who have subscriptions can view your information? If someone is looking for an abstractor, those with enhanced listings are going to be the ones that are going to be picking up the work. To me it is money well spent.

AccuSearch Co., OH

It has been the best place for my advertising dollar and all the other features that you, Slade and Jarrod provide.

Bi-State Title Search, Inc., MO

When I first signed on w/SOT it was free and there was maybe 2 or 3 others listed for the counties I cover. Now there is a very long list for each county. As a total independent abstractor, I was wary, worried about spending money on a subscription, an enhanced listing. It has more than paid off.

Helene Gonzalez, GA

I'll be honest, when I first went independent, I didn't see the value, just the cost. But after a while, I plunged ahead. I can now say that, without exception, every client that has contacted us that we have not directly marketed to, says they saw us on SOT! Money well spent!

LowCountry Title Examinations, LLC, SC

We have worked very hard to provide valuable services to the title industry. Though we are pleased to provide many services for free, the enhanced listings and subscriptions are what makes it all possible. Thus, we try to return extra value to those who support Source of Title. I'm confident we have done just that. One new client obtained from an enhanced listing could return many times your investment.

With the refinance boom over and work slowing down for many independent vendors, you need something to give you an edge over your competition. More exposure in our directory is just the way to do that. Where else can you get national exposure to your highly targeted customer base for as little as $99 per year?

For more information on upgrading to an enhanced listing, please visit our premium services page. And remember, NALTEA members can get a 10% discount with their membership number.

Robert A. Franco


Categories: Abstractors, Marketing

1149 words | 2622 views | 2 comments | log in or register to post a comment

Hey, Rob, it's your blog, and you c...
Hey, Rob, it's your blog, and you can "blow your own horn" all you want. After all, if you don't, who will?

To paraphrase a modern-day Oscar Wilde, "It ain't bragging if it's true!"

Scott Perry
by Scott Perry | 2007/04/03 | log in or register to post a reply

Thanks, Scott. I figured it was a ...
Thanks, Scott. I figured it was a slow day so why not explain the difference between a free listing and an enhanced listing... again. It is probably one of the most frequently asked questions in my in-box.  
by Robert Franco | 2007/04/04 | log in or register to post a reply
Source of Title Blog

Robert A. FrancoThe focus of this blog will be on sharing my thoughts and concerns related to the small title agents and abstractors. The industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years and I believe that we are just seeing the beginning. As the evolution continues, what will become of the many small independent title professionals who have long been the cornerstone of the industry?

Robert A. Franco



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